Our pre-construction process provides the information we need to generate accurate detailed bids and schedules, and to identify upfront potential conflicts and inefficiencies that could delay the project.

We begin with an in-depth constructability review of the project’s scope and desired result. If the job involves renovating an existing structure, we also examine the electrical, mechanical and structural systems. As seasoned builders with extensive first-hand construction experience, we can anticipate elements that may not have been incorporated into the initial design, but should be identified—and addressed—upfront as they can impact the project design, schedule, and budget.

We also pay particular attention to details such as materials, scheduling, personnel requirements, and other factors that could impact construction. This information makes it easier to make informed decisions early in the design process, and avoid costly and time-consuming re-designs and change orders later on.

Unlike many other construction firms, who take a limited view of the scope of work in order to offer the lowest bid, CIP takes an inclusive approach and factors in all elements that could potentially affect construction. Our goal is to be your lowest cost provider at the end of the project, rather than the lowest bidder at the beginning.

Our bid estimates include itemized budgets, cash flow projections, and other reports for informed and accurate decision-making.

Pre-Construction Services include:
  • Bidding
  • Communication (understanding the mission/final goal)
  • Constructability & Material Suggestions
  • Contracting
  • Cost Review / Value Engineering
  • Preliminary & Conceptual Estimating
  • Project Site Walkthrough
  • Scheduling


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